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(Video) The Pain In His Neck Started to be Unbearable, So He Pops This 10-year-old Pimple



Skin is very finicky, and any person who’s had to live life with skin problems truly knows this is true. Not a whole lot of people have had a 10 year old pimple, but it is just one of the gross strange things that can take place under our skin. This guy tackled his ten year old issue on his own.

Generally with popping videos where the pimple or cyst is on the back or neck, there is someone else there to do the popping to assist the poor person suffering from the pimple/ cyst. This man could not wait any longer though simply because the pain got to be too much and took matters into her own hands.

He had been living with it on the back of his neck already for 10 years, with it little by little developing and becoming more and more of a nuisance. The pain in his neck got to be too much, just think about how much a regular old people that is stuck under the skin hurts.
The procedure of popping it must of been very unpleasant as well, but it paid off in the long run because he did finally manage to get it to pop and all the puss and juices to come outside and relieve the pressure that had been building up against his skin for so long.

He ultimately gets it to pop open and all the juices that had been gathering under his skin for ten years come out, and it doesn’t stop for awhile!
Watch the video below:


Selection Of Pimple Popping Video Clips Is The Nastiest Thing You Will See All Day



Dr. Pimple Popper has come to be quite the internet star due to the fact of her pimple popping, blackhead extractions, and cyst popping video clips. Folks just enjoy to watch other men and women get awful stuff squashed out of their skin.

She created the channel to provide people with a look into the life of a skin doctor and what goes on in her day to day job. The popping videos in specific grew to become really popular and now she has 1,360,582 subscribers on youtube! Her channel has a number of different skin care videos.

There are videos to inform people about skin care such as ‘How to Wash Your Face’ and ‘Treating Spider Veins’ so the real life doctor does a lot more then squeeze out unwanted stuff from people’s faces, all those videos just take place to be the most famous.

Just the other day Dr. Sandra Lee released a ‘Dr. Pimple Popper Softpop Medley.’ It is a video montage on her youtube channel of numerous patients getting their skin cleaned up by the incredible dermatologist. It is not as graphic as some of her videos, but it is so so fulfilling to watch.

Youtube user left a comment on the video ‘Love a good chunkie nose! I catch myself holding my breath when a thing starts to come out and then I exhale when it’s all out. Weird.’

If you take pleasure in this videos and like some more dramatic ones just go to Dr. Sandra Lee’s page and she has a plethora of videos, ones that can be likened to explosions!

And if these videos make you feel sick but you want to get some excellent tips on skincare from an expert, she has video clips for that on her page as well. Something for everyone!



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Graphic: Stomach Churning, Man Squeezing Throbbing Cyst With Tweezers In Horrifying Video



One more gross pimple-popping video clip is spreading on the internet for all you weird folks who find it satisfying.

This time, it’s a man squeezing a cyst on his own face with a pair of tweezers.

Frederic Ward, 23, was experiencing a Staphylococcal infection, and as an alternative of getting medical assist, he took matters into his own hands.

Mr Ward, who stated he has these bacterial infections frequently, is seen on the video squeezing the cyst, that took just four days to develop, in his toilet in Ontario.

Shot by close friends, who are heard retching throughout, Mr Ward, a facility attendant, prods, squeezes and even uses tweezers to try and eliminate the bulge, which he states that ‘hurts so bad’.

And after more than 4 minutes of going at the cyst, he was incapable to clear the sac completely, which is seen hanging there.

It has since ‘cleared up’.

He said:

” I’m still not sure what triggered the infection and it’s still being researched. I made the decision to drain it myself once it shown up ready.

I have had 10 or so of these specific infections and didn’t want to have to go and wait at the medical center again as I was already being prescribed by doctors proper antibiotics. I continue to see doctors as this is a long-term problem for me.”

He added:

“My initial draining as unsuccessful as there was a visible build-up outside of the growth.

It was extremely painful to the touch and would throb as the days went on. It has fully cleared up and left little to no scarring.”

For more watch the video below:

Video Credits: Caters Clips/Youtube

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